林胖虎 Kuan-Fu Lin 

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In an old apartment complex, a new family moves in to Arthur's next door. They are Frenchies. They act weird, make suspicious noise and - they have heads like French Bulldog. Driving by fear, Arthur gets more suspicious everyday. Until one day Arthur witnesses Frenchies dragging a huge plastic bag back to their apartment. It looks like someone struggling inside. Arthur has to get involved to investigate what is his new neighbors' dirty secret behind the door.


Kuan-Fu Lin, from Taiwan, is the son of two soldiers. His nickname, “FT,” comes from comic books, which are a major influence on his work. Growing up through a rough childhood, Kuan-Fu found solace in comic books as he struggled with school, hoping to one day become a hero like those in his stories. After years of experience working on feature films, like Life Of Pi, FT started to share his vision to the world. As he came to find a keen interest in monsters as well, Kuan-Fu went on to develop comic fantasies with his own brand of social commentary.